Thursday, 8th December 2022

British Tamil Cricket League - LEAGUE PLAYING CONDITIONS

Key Facts
1. All matches start at 13:00hrs.

2. Member clubs have the responsibility to register only eligible players in their team. Breach of
player registration rules is subject to disciplinary action by the BTCL disciplinary committee.
BTCL accepts the player’s registration application in good faith. All clubs must update the
registered player with current legible photos.

3. A team can register a maximum of 30 players. Only 15 players chosen by the team will be
listed for awards.

4. A team can register up to TWO “non-home” players, however, only ONE “non-home” player
can play in a match.

5. Any club's fielding two or more teams are only allowed a maximum of two interchangeable
home players. Under 19 home players can be moved within their club teams without any
restrictions. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO “non-home” PLAYERS.

6. If an ineligible player took part in a match and his appearance in the field is proven, the
following penalties are applicable. The team violating the rule will get 20-point penalty (no
bonus points will be counted either) and the opposition will be awarded the game (20 points).

7. If a walkover occurs during the last 2 matches of the season, then the points reduction (-20
points per game) accumulated in the last 2 matches will be carried over to the next season.

8. In accordance with law 6.2, if the pitch is deemed unsafe to play, the umpire reserves the right
to cancel the match at any point of the game (whether prior or during). It is the home team’s
responsibility to make sure the pitch is fit for play as per section. The match will be regarded
as forfeited and the away team will receive winning points and the home team will receive no
points. If this occurs for the second time the home team will be deducted 20 points.

9. The home team’s responsibility is to make sure all appropriate markings (boundary, creases,
30 yards etc...) are clearly visible for the game to begin. Otherwise, the match will be regarded
as forfeited and the away team will receive winning points and the home team will receive no
points. If this occurs for the second time the home team will be deducted 20 points.

10. A match cannot be cancelled before 10 am (or before 9 am in September)

11. If play cannot begin within THREE HOURS of the scheduled start time, the match will be
regarded as abandoned (5 points each team).

12. Each captain shall provide a list of the names containing 11 players and the nominated 12th
man in Play-Cricket to the opposing team captain before the toss. No players (including the
nominated 12th man) may be changed after the toss without the consent of the opposing team

13. If a team is unable to present a minimum of 7 players dressed and ready to play after the
scheduled start time, they will lose one over for every 4 minutes of the delayed start. And if it
continues for 60 minutes from the scheduled start time then the match will be regarded as a
walkover to the opposition.

14. While uploading the scorecard electronically the team must enter the correct number of players
playing from both teams. Failure to do so will result in reduction of points.

a. All results including complete scorecard must be submitted in Play Cricket by midnight
on the Monday following the game. Scorecard will be locked at 00:01 on Tuesday
following the game. Any issues with the scorecard must be reported to the results
secretary by Wednesday midnight. After that no scorecard information can be

15. Fair play assessment will be updated by umpires. This may lead to a deduction in points.

16. Unless otherwise specified, infringement of any of the League playing conditions renders the
Member Club responsible is liable to a minimum of 2 points reduction.

17. Teams with players under the age of 19 should notify the League Welfare Officer (LWO).
Captains of those teams require cricket specific DBS checks. For more details check county
websites or contact LWO.

18. Interrupted matches should use the Duckworth Lewis Stern calculator in Play-Cricket. Please
follow the below link
19. Teams from the same club that play in the same division will not be allowed the two

interchangeable players as specified in section 5 above, except U19 players where transfers
are allowed without restrictions. Their fixture should be played at the beginning of the season.
Their fixture should be the 1st match of the season with 2nd fixture as the 1st game after the
season midpoint.

20. A runner for the batsman is not permitted.

21. 15 Yards rules not applied.

22. Umpire fee of £70 (single umpire) & £60/umpire (two umpires), shared equally by teams
[Agreed in SGM 10th April 2022]

23. In accordance with law 6.2, an umpire’s word is final in all instances of a match.


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